Participate in the emergency effort as a corporate friend or patron of UNICEF

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Unicef, the United Nations Children's Fund founded in the aftermath of World War II to protect children around the world, will celebrate its 75th anniversary in December 2021.

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Valsem Industries SAS from Isère, directed by Dr. Jean-François Daviet, isUNICEF Corporate Patron


"Equity is our key word", explains Marie-Noëlle Gagnepain, president of the Dauphiné Savoie Committee, which carried out 95 awareness-raising actions in Isère secondary schools in 2020. Preservation of the environment, equal opportunities for girls and boys, UNICEF intervenes on several levels depending on the society and the situation: here in favor of social inclusion and environmental protection, internationally in the areas of health, HIV/AIDS, water and sanitation, nutrition, education, protection and emergencies. During disasters such as the one in Lebanon, the humanitarian association coordinates access to drinking water.


During the pandemic, Unicef distributed two billion doses of vaccine worldwide as part of the COVAX initiative.

Being a "Corporate Friend" or "Corporate Patron" allows you to participate in Unicef's efforts in its various actions, and to contribute to emergency or development programs, which last several months or years. Cap Gemini has thus committed itself alongside Unicef in India and Brazil to accelerate medical assistance and equitable access to vaccines. Another corporate patron from the Grenoble area is Valsem Industries SAS, located in Le Sappey (our photo), which specializes in the manufacture of industrial films and packaging. The company has donated 10,000 masks to UNICEF to fight against Covid-19.

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